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giselle.jpgà 17h10 aujourd'hui je reçois un mail :

"Here is your Seesmic invite !  

We are so glad you want to test and play with Seesmic, our new video conversation site. Our idea is very simple, we just want to have the same quality of conversations we enjoy on blogs, twitter and other social software, but in video.

 We would just like to remind you that Seesmic is currently in alpha, we are building it with our first users feedback and we count on yours ! You will find at the bottom of the seesmic screen a bug reporting and feature request link. We even offer you to vote on the features your think we should develop first, so it is our community that sets the tech team priority !  " suis plutôt content de faire partie de la communauté Seesmic .

c'est quoi Seesmic (en français)? ben va là et tu comprendra

ps: Vinvin is my hero!.  j'ai pu participer a son premier Test Live sur son blog.vinvin.jpg

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kdfa! 24/01/2008 23:49

si j'en ai une ou deux, je te ferais signe, promis...

--Dim & Charlène -- 24/01/2008 12:22

i still waiting for my invitation.....

Brad 22/01/2008 21:35

c'est thewildman ma puce

--Dim & Charlène -- 22/01/2008 17:17

have a look...should be invited???? then can you do it for me kdfa???thx

kdfa! 22/01/2008 10:29

ça c'est une bonne nouvelle, il faudra que tu me file ton "pseudo" sur seesmic alors...